Part 1 of 2: Feeling Stuck? Here’s a Few Things I Did to Propel Action – Knowing Your Priorities

I didn’t know why I was unhappy professionally. I had what other people would consider to be their dream job. I worked for DISNEY. In their DIGITAL team. In MANAGEMENT. It should have been the trifecta of awesome.

And for many people it would be. Disney is a great company with wonderful people. But I was stuck.

And when I get stuck or unhappy, my innate tendency is to jump…FAST. Without thinking. I jump and I figure the rest out later. But something inside me told me that wasn’t the answer. There were so many opportunities that came my way – in Orlando, in close-by cities, virtual roles. None of them felt right.

So I stopped. I stopped pursuing other opportunities and starting listening to the layer of thinking that was underneath the voices that never seem to go off in my head. Do you have those too? They suck.

The two most valuable things that I did were to get real about my priorities and outline when all was said and done, what I wanted my ideal day to look like.

When thinking through my priorities, I used a system that I learned from Chalene Johnson’s book, Push. Highly recommend it. My top priority had always been work. But at that point in my life I wasn’t married, we hadn’t thought about starting a family yet and work was what fueled me. Times were different, but I hadn’t made that shift mentally.

Everyone knew me for my work, for building an awesome career, for moving to new cities for exciting opportunities. It was my identify. But it was making me happy. I had to change.

What I want to say is that your priorities can and should change. It’s ok. What was once your dream, doesn’t have to be your dream anymore. Don’t be afraid to let those things go.

The other thing…don’t let anyone tell you what your priorities should be. Only you know what your priorities should be. Too many times, we listen to what other people want for our lives. Enough. Do the hard work to expose what you should be prioritizing in your life.

The second thing? Check it out here.

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