All about my Virtual Assistant: Ric

Tell us about yourself? I'm a family man, I have 2 wonderful kids. I enjoy the simple joys of life like spending quality time with my family or just simply watching movies together at home. I am passionate about racing although I never really made it into a full time profession. I have been working online as a Virtual Assistant to a very generous and amazing boss, Mary.

Can you tell us what a virtual assistant is? A Virtual Assistant is someone who does clerical and admin tasks for employers offshore. They are mainly in charge of the excess work that most employers tend not to have time to do. A virtual assistant posses a lot of work qualities that allows him/her to do numerous projects and tasks. Simply, I am an assistant only virtually.

What made you decide to be a virtual assistant? I decided to be a virtual assistant because of the allowance of time and the liberty to be with my family more. I can manage my time, and I don't need to do much preparation compared to an actual office job. It is more pragmatic and the remuneration is really competitive.

What all do you do for Mary Nice Consulting? Basically I help Mary handle her business. I help her manage her social media accounts and blog, do some research, edit videos, create and prepare materials for her blog, and all sorts of other administrative tasks.

What's your hidden talent? :) My hidden talent would have to be that in my younger years I used to compete in Professional Motocross Racing :)


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