Four Business Podcasts I Never Miss

I was an absolutely terrible student. I have this vivid memory from middle school coming home to find pamphlets on the counter from several area schools because I had failed my achievement tests. For people who know me now, that always comes as a huge shock because I'm pretty obsessed at identifying weaknesses, studying the heck out of them and coming up with solutions..

For the most part, it wasn’t from lack of trying. I did try – I did study, for some reason my brain just couldn’t connect the material. It produced a pretty significant lack of confidence when it came to anything intellectual.

For years, I couldn’t get past it because I saw learning and failing as related. I’m slowly coming to realize that it wasn’t that I was dumber than any of the other kids contradicting literally 20 years of thinking that, it was that I needed to understand the practicality of what I was learning.

Trust me, knowing this and believing this consistently is still a battle, but so far I’m winning.

When Disney became one of my clients and I started making frequent 45-minute treks to their office, I began using that time and exploring the world of podcasts.

There are so many that have made a significant impact on exposing me to different businesses, building confidence and teaching me the tools that I need to grow as a business owner.

If you’re looking to grow in this way, know this: personal/professional development is pretty useless unless you implement things. It’s really easy to get overwhelmed because there is so much out there. Quick tip to combat this: Identify the thing that you need to work on and laser focus on that.

So onto my top 4 Podcast that I am listening to:.

1. Social Pros Podcast

This one is near and dear to my heart because it is led by Jay Baer at Convince & Convert. Many of you know that I work for Convince & Convert as a strategist in addition to having my own business.

Jay and his cohost Adam (Salesforce) interview guests who are actually implementing what we all are talking about. It crosses industry, company size, topic – but always inspiring to see action and take away new ideas for my own business and my clients.

2. The Business of Story

Back to my point above about trying to work on something deliberately, this is what I’m laser focused on right now – how to tell a story.

This is led by Park Howell who is a marketing consultant and brand story strategist. An episode recently that resonated was from Brian Cramer, who was interviewed about “How to Build a More Human Brand” story.

3. Mind Your Business

The Mind your Business podcast is hosted by James Wedmore and Phoebe Mroczek. This podcast gets more into the personal development and entrepreneur space, but no doubt has actionable tips for all.

They hit topics that speak right into the heart of the new business owners, “Getting Unstuck”, “Mindset Hacks”, “Starting from Scratch”. James and Phoebe have great balance: they’re real, they’re authentic and seem like really good people.

4. Build Your Tribe

Love this podcast because it tends to be pretty short (as does Mind Your Business). Chalene Johnson gives absolutely great, actionable tips on how to grow your own voice in a crowded space. She’s pretty no nonsense, but tons of nuggets to take and implement.

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