3 Paid Social Media Strategies You Need to Know

With major social media channels all adopting a smart feed or user-based algorithm, getting solid organic reach is really hard. For instance, the average Instagram user misses 70% of content in their feed and a Facebook user could potentially see somewhere between 1500 to 15000 stories a day, but Facebook only actually serves up 300.

The potential for your content to get seen is LOW.

But the good news is there are all sorts of paid strategies that can help you compensate and actually get your content seen by people who actually matter to your business.

Here are 3 Paid Social Media Strategies to keep in mind:

1. Don’t go straight for the sale. Most people think about their paid advertising as conversion only. Paid advertising needs to pull somebody through the consumer funnel very strategically.

Different ads should be used in different parts of the funnel and they should all be doing something slightly different. The higher up in the funnel, you want to reach more people, and you most likely aren’t making a hard sale. You are priming them for that sale later on.

2. Use Audience Insights. Facebook’s Audience Insights is a great tool to use to inform your targeting. Since the scale on Facebook is so great, the insights can be used across other channels as well. You can find insights about people following your own page, but you can find aggregate information about Facebook population by geography or demographic or perhaps even study people following a competitor’s page.

You can find Audience Insights within the Power Editor in Facebook Business. If you are not buying your advertising through Facebook Business and just using your personal account, it’s probably time to make the switch.

3. Use Retargeting. How would you communicate with people differently knowing that they have spent time in your website? Retargeting website visitors make them 70% more likely to convert. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest all allow for some sort of retargeting. All of the platforms call it something a little different, but it’s critical to implement this type of targeting.

All in all, have an experimental mindset. Every campaign is different - what works isn’t the same across the board so spend some time testing. Or give me a shout – happy to help you map out how to use social ads across your platforms.

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