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It will comes as no shock that video performance on social media has skyrocketed as many platforms are giving it preferential treatment in the newsfeed. Video can work so well to communicate a message, but more than likely, you are paralyzed by the sheer thought of creating video.

You may hear video and think EXPENSIVE, COMPLEX, TIME CONSUMING. But the good news is that quick and easy-to-use video tools bridge the gap between good content and a medium that people would rather consumer.

Before I jump into tools, remember a few tips for making video for social media:

1. Unless you have a really compelling story, keep it short. Try to tell your story in under 30 seconds, definitely under a minute. There are times when long-form video work and don’t be scared of those times, but ensure the storyline is compelling.

2. Speaking of storylines...have one. Always tell a story with your content. Remember this graphic?

Introduction, rising action and conflict, climax, falling action, resolution. Don’t forget the basics of telling a good story.

3. Ensure that your video can be watched with no sound – this means using words, captions and graphics to assist in the storytelling process.

4. Make sure you get to the point FAST – ideally within the first 10 seconds. Autoplay on social media channels combined with a lot of video makes a lot of people start videos, but not a lot of people finish videos. Make them finish your videos.

Onto the tools, there are three that I have been going to lately that I wanted to make sure you knew about:

1. Animoto – For $22 a month, Animoto will give you over 70 video styles with 2,000 commercially licensed tracks to make beautiful video. You basically piece together fast-moving videos with existing photos and text. Super easy. Here is a great video on how to get started:

2. Wideo – My buddy recently used Wideo to create a great video for one of my clients. Super easy to use text, graphics, icons to tell a quick story in an animated way.

3. Ripl – Great tool for using photos and text to create quick animations. Definitely the easiest of all of the tools to put something great together quickly.

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