How to Make Great Instagram Photos

Over the past two months, Instagram has introduced a new algorithm that is based on serving up moments that the platform deems a user cares about first. This algorithm is based on engagement, heightening the importance of producing content that gains likes and comments.

In order to produce content that people care about, you must put your eye to capturing beautiful imagery in a way that works for the platform.

Consider the following when shooting and posting your content:

  • Close-in, tight shots

  • Unique angles

  • Show movement as Coca Cola Argentina does in the image above

  • Maximize the use of space

  • Showcase the experience

  • Ask for engagement, add a personal touch

There are several things you can do to experiment with to get better photography:

  • Try a lens attachment that goes onto your iPhone lens

  • The Olloclip is a 4-in-1 lens that can create so many awesome affects like fisheye, wide-angle and super clear close-up shots

  • Use hashtags

  • A Piqora study of 150K brand posts on Instagram found seven was the optimal number of hashtags used in a post to generate the most engagements.

  • One hashtag should be your brand name

  • 1-2 hashtags should be “owned,” as in a tagline

  • 2-5 more should be community-focused (#wanderlust)

  • Get inspiration from your community

  • Look for examples of audience members using your hashtags and hashtags that matter to you

  • Follow Instagram accounts of brands, influencers and fans for inspiration, but also to share to your audience

  • Ask permission before sharing photos from users

  • Apps like Repost make it easy to share content and credit the original source

  • Try a tripod for stability with a Bluetooth remote

  • I love the Joby GorillaPod because it can stand and attach onto anything. It also comes with a remote to give you the freedom to set up a shot exactly how you want it.

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